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Blogue Informatif de Massage Plus

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Food - Money needed up North of Canada

Soyez la Lumiere dans la foule! Aidons les autochtones du Canada dans le besoin de nourriture!

Soyez la Lumiere dans la foule! Aidons les autochtones du Canada dans le besoin de nourriture!

Sauvons les forets vierges tropicales d`Amerique Centrale
Sauvons les forets vierges tropicales d`Amerique Centrale

Hi! There! My name is Gilles Morand, MTh., (RMT), n.d, author and a Shaklee Global Ambassador. I`m a retired massotherapist and author. I worked for 22 years on the South Shore of Montréal as a préposé and did my best to help those who were sick. I`m also an advocate about awareness on a global scale; but what the native people up North experience is outrageous and need some help from all the people in Canada who still have a sense of love and compassion for the needs people.. I (barely survive, but at least I have a roof over my head and I eat 3 times daily) survive with my pension cheques, but I have a great idea to help those in need if you're considering helping them too : I live not far from Khanawhake and a mohawk woman called Carolyn Sky brought the situation to my attention… about poverty up north and the exploitation of some business men there.

I was very happy that Wandy Seely accepted me in your Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1548137818767359/ I'm going to do my best to help the northern people to recover from possible illness that occurs when malnourished. Yes canned food is the basic, but supplementation prevention is better to improve well being for all age groups. Babies, infants, adolescents and adults as well as elderly people.

50% of all the profits will be deposited in the CIBC account for those in need.This way I`ll make my contribution hopefully to alleviate diseases due to malnutrition; 9 of 10 native women and 7 out of 10 men will develop diabetes, so to prevent this and all the inconvenience and s discomfort that come with it. See CBC : http://www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous/diabetes-epidemic-among-indigenous-canadians-say-front-line-workers-1.2836094 I suggest that you purchase Life proteins from Shaklee Canada to prevent those sicknesses to happen. Please make sure to visit my healthy and green website that emit no CO2 gas effect in the environment and that respect Mother Earth http://www.shaklee.tv/earth-day-every-day and put your order as autoship (10% discount will be made if you put your order on autoship)- You can cancel autoship anytime… http://www.shaklee.tv/weight-management-education?p=1&= & http://www.shaklee.tv/shaklee-science Buy at this Canadian address www.massageplus.myshaklee.com when I the receive residuals I will send the money weekly back to the your CIBC account so you will be able to purchase food for the well being of everybody as soon as possible My goal is to help as many people in need as possible (with your purchase). http://www.shaklee.tv/shaklee-products

I`m a successful writer in French. I publish one book in English untitled : Healthy People, Healthy Planet feel free to read it for free on my blog at this address : http://www.canbec101.com/2016/08/healthy-people-healthy-planet-free-limited-time.html

Thanks greatly to make it possible by your purchase to help people in need.


Diabetic for a long time, a man finds a dramatic change. Buddy K. is 77 years old: "I do not know how long I suffered from diabetes, but I know that when I was diagnosed I did not take it seriously and I continued to eat all I wanted. The doctor prescribed me insulin I took every day, but on my own I recklessly increased the amount of insulin so that I can continue to eat whatever I wanted. I finally decide to take over my life and disease. I lost 45 pounds thanks to Shaklee Programme 180. I do not know how many inches I have lost everything, but I know just the neck I lost three. I continued with the Shaklee-keeping plan for a while, then I decided to lose more weight to achieve a new goal. While I followed the maintenance plan, that I enjoyed is not to take any of the books I had initially lost. I have now lost 62 pounds, and I plan to achieve my goal of losing 75 pounds in all.

The program is easy to follow. I like all the flavors of shakes, but the chocolate is my favorite. I love all the snacks and bars, around 15 pm, I usually take an energizing tea / detoxifying pomegranate flavor. Gradually, as I was losing weight, I started to have better blood sugar readings to the point where I no longer needed the medication I was taking and where a single dose of insulin per day enough. As I continue to lose weight through Shaklee 180, I am able to reduce the amount of insulin. My ultimate goal is not only to lose weight but to stop insulin altogether. This will save me $ 2,000 a year. Besides the Shaklee 180 Program, I take Life-Strip Shaklee NutriFeron more, so these products should also receive some credit for improving my health.

I have no use of vaccines against the flu and I have not had flu or even a cold in 30 years, in fact since I take Shaklee nutritional supplements. Over the past twelve years, I spent three MRI that showed that there was no plaque present in my arteries; I gives all the credit to Shaklee. I also take capsules Omega Guard and Vita-E. I am 77 years old. Neither my grandfather nor my father or my uncle had lived long enough to celebrate their 58th anniversary. My doctor told me that I should take all the antioxidants as I can, so I take more tablets Vita-C capsules CarotoMax, etc. Furthermore, I take the alfalfa because it is beneficial for diabetics, and in my case another important advantage is the relief it brings to stiff fingers and sometimes painful of my left hand. I am very grateful to Shaklee and my friend who introduced me to these products. "

Please Share this letter to all that may be concern for a better life! We have the right to be healthy it is all in our hands to do so.

Thanks for sharing!

Gilles Morand


Diabétique depuis longtemps, un homme constate un changement spectaculaire. Buddy K. est âgé de 77 ans : « Je ne sais pas depuis combien de temps je souffre du diabète, mais je sais que lorsque j'ai reçu le diagnostic je ne l'ai pas pris au sérieux et j'ai continué à manger tout ce que je voulais. Le médecin m'avait prescrit de l'insuline que je prenais tous les jours, mais de ma propre initiative j'ai imprudemment augmenté la quantité d'insuline de manière à ce que je puisse continuer à manger tout ce que je voulais. J'ai fini par décider de prendre en charge ma vie et ma maladie. J'ai perdu 45 livres grâce au Programme Shaklee 180. J'ignore combien de pouces j'ai perdus en tout, mais je sais que juste au niveau du cou j'en ai

perdu trois. J'ai poursuivi avec le plan de maintien de Shaklee pendant un certain temps, puis j'ai décidé de perdre plus de poids pour atteindre un nouvel objectif. Pendant que je suivais le plan de maintien, ce que j'ai beaucoup apprécié c'est de ne pas reprendre aucune des livres que j'avais initialement perdues. J'ai maintenant perdu 62 livres, et je compte atteindre mon but qui est de perdre 75 livres en tout. Le programme est facile à suivre. J'aime toutes les saveurs de boissons frappées, mais celle au chocolat est ma préférée. J'aime toutes les barres collation et, vers 15 h, je prends généralement un thé énergisant/désintoxiquant à la saveur de grenade. Au fur et à mesure que je perdais du poids, j'ai commencé à avoir de meilleures lectures de glycémie, jusqu'au point où je n'ai plus eu besoin du médicament que je prenais et où une seule dose d'insuline par jour suffisait. Comme je continue à perdre du poids grâce à Shaklee 180, je suis en mesure de diminuer la quantité d'insuline. Mon but ultime est non seulement de perdre du poids, mais de cesser l'insuline tout à fait. Cela me fera économiser 2000 $ par année. Outre le Programme Shaklee 180, je prends les Life-Strip de Shaklee, plus NutriFeron, de sorte que ces produits doivent également recevoir une partie du crédit pour l'amélioration de ma santé. Je n'ai pas recours aux vaccins contre la grippe et je n'ai pas eu de grippe, ni même un rhume en 30 ans, en fait depuis que je prends des suppléments nutritionnels Shaklee. Au cours des douze dernières années, j'ai passé trois IRM qui ont montré qu'il n'y avait aucune plaque présente dans mes artères; j'en accorde tout le crédit à Shaklee. Je prends aussi des gélules d'OmegaGuard et de Vita-E. Je suis âgé de 77 ans. Ni mon grand-père, ni mon père, ni mon oncle n'ont vécu assez longtemps pour célébrer leur 58e anniversaire. Mon médecin m'a dit que je devrais prendre tous les antioxydants que je peux, alors je prends en plus des comprimés de Vita-C, des capsules de CarotoMax, etc. En outre, je prends de la Luzerne car celle-ci est bénéfique pour les diabétiques, et dans mon cas un autre avantage important est le soulagement qu'elle apporte aux doigts raides et parfois douloureux de ma main gauche. Je suis très reconnaissant à Shaklee et à mon ami qui m'a fait connaître ces produits. »

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